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'Kitchen Nightmares' sneak peek: Restaurateur goes into a rage

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Things are about to heat up on "Kitchen Nightmares." On the next episode of the restaurant re-do reality show, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Seattle's Yanni's, a Greek eatery with big problems off the menu.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the drama to come, normally mild-mannered owner Peter goes into a rage over the state of his kitchen and staff.

"Look in there! That's embarrassing," he yells, gesturing to the cooler. "I can't keep up with everything. I (expletive) babysit you like kids! And you still (expletive) me! … I don't need to babysit. If I want to babysit, I go babysit my granddaughter -- she's more fun than you guys!"

Heck, the grandkid would have to be more fun than just about everyone in the kitchen, judging by the teary eyes and raised voices all around.

Find out how far the emotional moment goes when "Kitchen Nightmares" airs Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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