Kiss and tell! Emma Roberts says lip lock with James Franco was 'good'

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By Ree Hines

James Franco may be best known for his work in front of the camera, but the actor is also a director, producer, screenwriter, social media provocateur, author — and according to his "Palo Alto" co-star Emma Roberts, he's a good kisser, too.

Roberts, who stopped by TODAY Tuesday, said the on-screen smooch she shared Franco in their new film was the one thing everyone wanted to know about.

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"Everyone was asking me (about it), my guy friends, my girlfriends, my mom," Roberts told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie.

Why all the interest?

"Because it's James Franco! He's so cute," the actress said with a smile. "Yeah, it was a good kiss."

But thanks to the 30 crew members "standing there watching," it wasn't what she'd call a romantic kiss.

Still, Roberts said there was nothing awkward about the kiss or any other moment she shared with Franco, even though it would have made sense for her to feel a little nervous. After all, he wasn't just her co-star, he wrote the book the teen-angst-filled film is based on.

"You would think (it would have been intimidating), but he ... kind of gave us free rein," she explained. "He was so excited to see the characters brought to life that, which was great to watch, 'cause usually you're like, 'Oh, the writer's here! Everybody stick to your lines.' He was so supportive."

"Palo Alto" is currently playing in select theaters.

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