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Kimmel: Tell kids you're going to prechew their food

Chris Pizzello / AP / Today
Jimmy Kimmel

Alicia Silverstone's video showing her passing pre-chewed food into her young son's mouth created quite a stir online. Now Jimmy Kimmel is urging parents to fool their kids into thinking they're going to do the same.

“Tell your kids a doctor named Alicia Silverstone said it’s healthy for parents to chew the food first, and explain that this is how eating is going to work in the house from now on,” Kimmel urged on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Kimmel is not suggesting parents “spit” into their children’s mouths – “even I have limits” – but does suggest they present their children with a plate of pre-chewed mush. He then wants parents to record the ensuing conversation and upload videos onto Kimmel’s YouTube channel with the title, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kid.”

Announced in honor of April Fool’s Day, this babyfeeding spoof is the latest in Kimmel’s series of YouTube challenges, which encourages families to prank their loved ones on camera. The concept originated in 2011 for Halloween, when the late night star suggested parents tell their kids they’d eaten all the trick-or-treating candy. Since then, there’s been a Christmas edition, where parents gave “crappy” gifts to their kids, and an adult Super Bowl hoax, where the power goes out during a crucial moment of the big game.

“There’s nothing funnier than when someone tells you, 'Not funny,'” jokes the comedian.

Kimmel says he will air the best “Silverstoned” selections on his Monday night show.

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