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Kim and Kyle Richards talk tears, bruises from 'Stars In Danger: The High Dive'

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Kim (l) and Kyle (r) Richards play in the pool while they train for "Danger."

Kim Richards admits the only thing more terrifying than competing on “Stars In Danger: The High Dive” was slipping into a swimsuit in the middle of winter.

“This year, the bathing suit was not my thing,” the newly rehabbed Beverly Hills "Housewife" said. “I have always been comfortable in a bathing suit -- until this year.   Then when I went to treatment (for alcohol addiction), I gained like 40 pounds.”

Reality star Kim and sister/frenemy Kyle hit the pool along with "Baywatch" alums David Chokachi and Alexandra Paul, Jenni "JWoww" Farley from “Jersey Shore”, NFL star Terrell Owens,  actor Antonio Sabato Jr. and “soul surfer” Bethany Hamilton for the two-hour Fox special.

The not-quite-ready for prime-time divers were mentored by seasoned pros as they prepared to compete in individual and synchronized events.

“This is one of the biggest challenges I have ever been faced with,” Kim said, “other than, well... (rehab).”

The Clicker caught up with both sisters Tuesday in Los Angeles to learn more about their dramatic aquatic experience.

Q:  You both appear to be in one piece. Any injuries?

Kim:  I had big bruises all over my leg.

Kyle:  David had a black eye -- and not from the diving board.  This is all water impact.  There was one concussion.  And (the producers) are like “you’ll be fine.”  Every one of the cast members -- at least the women -- were crying at some point.  

Kim: I don’t think I would have gotten through without any scrapes or bruises.

Kyle:  I was bruised mentally.

Q:  Did you guys have sister squabbles in the pool?

Kyle:  No, this was so much better (than ‘Housewives.’).  There was no drama.  We were supporting each other.  Really happy to be there for each other.  We were laughing with each other, teasing each other.  

Kim:  We cried so hard and we laughed so hard.  It was really an emotional challenge.

Q:  So you had no diving experience at all?

Kyle:  Nine of us come together and we start from scratch.  Day one was just trying to get up to the diving board!  Each day, you are hoping to make progress.  We were cramming what these Olympians took years to learn into a little tiny window.

Q:  What did your friends and family think?

Kyle:  My friend said to me “You couldn’t just do Dancing with the Stars?”

Q:  One of your competitors, Bethany Hamilton, only has one arm.  Did you ever think, “I have to at least be able to beat her?”

Kyle:  Let me tell you something.  She is one of the most brave and inspirational girls I have ever met in my entire life.  When I was so scared to get on the diving board, because I am afraid of heights, they would say to me ‘Look at Bethany.  Look at her go.’  The woman was attacked by a shark and was swimming three weeks later.  She is one of the most brave people I have ever met in my life.  She is an incredible athlete.  Put my sister up there.  We are cut from the same cloth.  If she can do it, we can talk.

Q:  Are these the types of opportunities that are coming to you now?  Are you up for anything?

Kim:  I am sure we will be getting a lot of these type of challenges.  

Q:  Where do you hope the "Housewives" shows take you next.

Kyle:  We both have kids.  I have little ones still.  Being a mom and a wife is my number one priority.  The show and all that other stuff falls way underneath it. I also just opened my store (Kyle by Alene Too) in Beverly Hills. I am still acting.  I just did 'CSI.'  There are a lot of balls in the air.  A lot of good opportunities have come with doing ‘Housewives.’  But there is also a lot of drawbacks.

Q:  You are going to keep doing it a little while longer?

Kyle:  Don’t ask me today.  We are under contract, so we’ll see where that goes.

Kim:  I just take it on a day to day, minute by minute.   My biggest passion in my life -- besides life -- is my jewelry.  I love my jewelry.  My passion is my jewelry.  I might have a few other things up my sleeve -- more like hobby passions.

Q:  Kim, did it take you a while to be at peace with how much of your personal life was exposed on ‘Housewives?’ 

Kim:   It was really how much I wanted to let go of my own life to everyone.  I am a very private person, but I am also a public person. So it is how much I decided to just surrender to everyone.  I think it was really just a matter or when I decided to give it all up and say 'It is what it is.'  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  And you know what?  Since I decided to give my sobriety up and go down season two, out there, and let everybody see that and going into treatment. ... When I decided to come back and do my entire sobriety this season, I decided, I might as well just let everybody have it all.  I have really nothing to hide.  There is nothing really bad in my life.  And everybody has been so supportive.

Q:  Is “Skydiving with the Stars” next?

Kim:  Nothing with heights.

Kyle:  Nothing could persuade me to try skydiving.

"Stars In Danger: The High Dive" airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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