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Kim Kardashian Up to Something "Not Morally Right"? Not Anymore!

Would you believe that Kim Kardashian used to wear 'em and return 'em?
/ Source: E!online

Would you believe that Kim Kardashian used to wear 'em and return 'em?

"It's not right. Now that I own a store, I realize it's probably not the best thing to do," the E! star explained sheepishly on The Tonight Show Thursday when Jay Leno asked if women ever try to return already-worn clothing to Dash--and if Kim had ever done such a thing herself!

"It's not morally right, so I don't recommend it--but I think everyone's done it," she said, copping to the not-criminal-but-questionable practice.

But, in sales, the customer is always right. Especially if you're one of Donald Trump's peons trying to sell Kim Kardashian on an idea.


Furthering Kim's small-screen ubiquity, tonight's Apprentice featured two teams tasked with creating a display for the celeb's new fragrance, Kim Kardashian, at a Perfumania boutique in Manhattan.

Brandy, Clint and Steuart of Team Octane went for a subtle, softly lit display inspired by an old-Hollywood vanity table, yet also featuring an LCD screen playing Kim's promo video. Clint explained their moth-to-a-flame ( or bug-to-a-light ) approach when Kim showed up to judge in person.

Meanwhile, the feather boa-clad Stephanie, Liza and Poppy of Team Fortitude went the more in-your-face route of a giant cutout of Kardashian hanging from a bedazzled wooden shelf that customers could take their picture with.

Kim played the professional the whole time, smiling and nodding politely at both designs. But the reality-TV veteran skipped the slings and arrows of the boardroom to confer more quietly with Trump and a Perfumania executive beforehand.

And by skipping the main event, she missed the look on three contestans' faces when their display was said to be "cheap and kitschy," "juvenile" and "conflicting with the perfume's brand and sophistication level."

And that was after Kim had said to their faces, "I love it, it looks great."

But Donald informed the two teams: "It wasn't even close." Ouch.

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