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Kim Kardashian: I Want to Be Married With Children

Kim Kardashian wants to be clear about something: She's kinda single.
/ Source: E!online

Kim Kardashian wants to be clear about something: She's kinda single.

The E! reality star tells me...

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"It's like, if I can't be single now, then when?" she said yesterday when she and sister Kourtney were at E! to promote their new reality series, Kourtney &Kim Take New York. "It's like I have no obligations. That's why I loved going to New York, because it's like, I'm not married, I don't have kids. I can get up and leave and do whatever I want."

So what's going on with her basketball star Kris Humphries? "I'm dating," she said.

Most recently, the media jumped on Kris and Bruce Jenner's remarks that they still haven't met Humphries. Kim says it was much ado about nothing. "I don't even think meeting the parents is a big deal," she said. "I really don't. Whenever the time is right. Whenever we have time."

It's not like Kim has been keeping Humphries away from the famous reality-television clan. "He's busy with his own schedule," she said. "What is he going to do, just stop doing what he's doing? It's so bizarre to see so much about it, like 'It must be over! It's not serious!' I mean, who cares? I'm dating."

Kim does hope to marry again some day. She wants four kids, two boys and two girls. "I want twins," she said.

Kourtney laughed, "I tell her, 'Wait till you have one and then see how many you want.' "

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