Kim Kardashian defends her popular 'Hollywood' app: Parents must 'be responsible'

Kim Kardashian defended her wildly popular app when she visited TODAY Tuesday, calling it “just a fun little game.”

The “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game allows players to live like celebrity superstars by spending their way to the top of the A-list. The game is free to download, but players can spend real money on in-app purchases of virtual clothing and other material goods. That has resulted in numerous parents finding huge game-linked charges on their credit card statements.

Kardashian said it’s up to the parents to monitor their children who play games with in-app purchase options.

“You just have to make sure that your parental controls are all set,” the reality star told Matt Lauer. “I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to, or ask permission."

Kardashian noted that it's not just kids racking up the bills. She said her younger sister, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, recently called to complain about spending $300 on the game and begging her for some cheats to work around the in-app purchases.

Kardashian also said there’s nothing wrong with the premise of a game that encourages youngsters to aspire to superstardom full of material wealth.

“In the game, you definitely see that it’s just fun and it’s not really serious. You pick your friends, you pick your clothes,” she said. “It’s just a fun little game, kind of like when people get into Candy Crush so much. Like, is it good to be obsessed with Candy? It’s just something fun to do. All games, I think, are just entertaining.”

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Kardashian said she's been surprised by popularity of the game, which some industry experts predict will net $200 million by the end of the year. She said the company behind the app, Glu Mobile, has been “very pleased with their numbers.”

“I didn’t think it would do this well, and I wasn’t underestimating it at all, but I’m really pleasantly surprised with how it’s turned out," she said.

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