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The Killers may make the Shortlist

Award for critically acclaimed albums that fell short of mainstream success.

Loretta Lynn, Macy Gray and the rock group The Killers are among the 73 artists being considered for the annual Shortlist Music Prize, which honors artists whose albums were critically acclaimed but fell short of mainstream commercial success.

The final 10 nominees for the Shortlist will be announced in September, but those under consideration to be nominated, or on the “Long List,” include Lynn for “Van Lear Rose,” produced by the White Stripes’ Jack White; British rapper Dizee Rascal for “Boy in Da Corner”; Gray for “The Trouble With Being Myself”; The Killers’ for “Hot Fuss”; and Patti Smith for “Trampin’.”

Other “Long List” candidates include Bebel Gilberto, Cee-Lo, Nellie McKay and David Bowie.

The Shortlist Music Prize, now in its fourth year, is decided by an eclectic mix of journalists, musicians, and other artists who nominate worthy acts. John Mayer, Norah Jones, actor Jack Black and The Dixie Chicks are among those on this year’s committee.

The winner of the competition, which will be decided after a concert featuring other nominees in Los Angeles on November 10, gets a $10,000 prize.