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Kidman makes Cruiseface the music

The Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman custody battle continues. But this time, the fight was over a composer.
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The Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman custody battle continues. But this time, the fight was over a composer. And Kidman’s side won.

Director Michael Mann was trying to get hot musician Craig Armstrong to score the new Tom Cruise vehicle, “Collateral” — but Armstrong said he couldn’t because he was working with Nicole Kidman. Turns out he’s writing the music for her Chanel commercial. It’s not just any commercial however; the ad is being directed by “Moulin Rouge” director Baz Luhrmann.

“Armstrong turned down a major motion picture to work on a commercial,” says an insider. “The word is that Kidman didn’t want him working on both.”

Kidman’s publicist dismisses that talk, and insists the actress had nothing to do with the decision. “Nicole would had nothing to do with the production,” her rep tells The Scoop. “Nor would she do this kind of thing. She has no rancor with Tom.”

Don't pigeonhole Tyson

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson applauds the remarks of other fighters during a news conference for his fight against Danny Williams in Louisville, Ky., Wednesday, July 28, 2004. Tyson will face Williams in a scheduled 10 round bout at Freedon Hall in Louisville Friday, July 30, 2004. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

Mike Tyson is going to the birds.

The former heavyweight champion was in Louisville, Ky. for a boxing match recently, and reporters who visited him were startled that pigeons were flying around his hotel room. “There were eight or 10 of them, swooping around and perched on the furniture,” says one source. “I think he just let them into the room from outside and let them stay and was feeding them.”

Tyson’s spokesman couldn’t be reached for comment, but a woman in his office says she knows nothing of the story. “He does love pigeons, though” says the woman. “He raises them and treats them like humans, but I seriously doubt that he brought any with him.” 

“The maids at the hotel were really upset,” says the source. “Tyson wouldn’t let them in the room to shoo out the birds and clean up the poop and they were ticked off because they said there was going to be such a mess to clean up afterwards. One of them was so mad she wanted to take him on in a fight. She said, ‘I know he packs a powerful punch, but I swing a mean broom.’”

Notes from all over

British film director Guy Ritchie arrives to the premiere screening of the movie \"The Transporter,\" on October 2, 2002 in Los Angeles. \"The Transporter\" opens in the United States on October 11. REUTERS/Adrees LatifAdrees Latif / X00716

London tabs caught Madonna’s hubby Guy Ritchie committing what may be an unforgivable fashion faux pas: wearing white socks with sandals. “I don’t know if the holiday sunshine is getting to him or maybe all that Kabbalah blah-blah nonsense he and his missus are obsessed with is taking its toll,” lamented the London Sun.  . . . W ketchup is being marketed as a condiment alternative for Republicans who don’t want to patronize Heinz (as in Teresa Heinz-Kerry), but now the group that heads up W Hotels has sent cease and desist letters to the companies selling the ketchup and other W goodies. “Although your product line is an amusing part of the election campaign,” reads the letters, “we ask that you respect the rights of the existing W trademark” and stop selling W products.  . . .  Will Smith says wife Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t mind it when fans get all hot and bothered about him. “Let me tell you, Jada loves that,” Smith told “She says all the time that ‘no woman wants a man that another woman don’t want.’ So she is very comfortable.”

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