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Kid Rock tour offers 'best night ever' for $20

Kid Rock says he's tired of fans having to shell out huge amounts of cash to see their favorite artists perform, and he's willing to put his money where his mouth is.

The Detroit rocker stopped by TODAY on Wednesday to talk about his "$20 Best Night Ever Tour," which lives up to its name, promising fans that every ticket on the tour will cost $20.

"Does that include some hookers and Vegas?" Kathie Lee joked.

"Don't get me started," Rock laughed. "It's too early and I have not had enough wine yet!"

Rock, 42, says the tour may result in a slight pay cut for him, but that he believes there's still a way to make a profit while keeping tours affordable.

"I don't know that $20 is the right number to change this business, but it's the right way to make a statement," Rock said. "You can still charge ... $4 for a 12-oz. beer, cheap parking, $20 t-shirts, and still make money if you do the numbers."

Rock also mentioned his "Chillin' the Most Cruise," essentially a five-day party on the ocean, which will kick off it's fifth annual voyage next March.

The scene at a stop on Kid Rock's "Chillin' the Most Cruise."

"We actually got a new ship ... it's funny my name never came up in that Carnival Destiny, because that was our ship," Rock joked. "Did our shenanigans make that thing stop in the middle of the ocean?"

But Kathie Lee and Hoda couldn't let Rock leave before getting some fourth-hour treatment, presenting him with his drink of choice, whiskey and diet coke.

"You sure you're ready to see Bourbon Bobby?" Rock laughed before toasting the ladies.

The "$20 Best Night Ever Tour" kicked off in June and will wrap up its American leg in September.

Before hitting the road again, Rock walked TODAY.com through some of his favorite songs to listen to right now, and his music taste seems to range as much as his own sound. Do you like the songs on Rock's playlist? Give it a listen!

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