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Kid Rock delivers the dish on Pamela

While promoting his new album "Rock N Roll Jesus" on the “Howard Stern Show,” Kid Rock told the King of All Media that everything the public knows about his and Pamela Anderson’s divorce is wrong.
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Now that Pamela Anderson’s moved on to husband No. 3, let’s review husband No. 2, Kid Rock — and Rick Salomon, take note. While promoting his new album "Rock And Roll Jesus" on the “Howard Stern Show,” Kid told the King of All Media that everything the public knows about his and Pam’s divorce is wrong.

The on-again/off-again couple didn’t break up over Kid’s jealously of Pam’s appearance in "Borat."  According to Kid, Pam only spread that story in the first place because she’s "psycho." Just like regular people, Kid and Pam broke up for a variety of reasons.

His reasons included the following:

Money: Kid has lots, Pam not nearly as much as you’d think. As Kid told Howard, "The worst thing in life is to be famous without money." Further, Pam started spending Kid’s money from the get go — telling him when she moved into his $12 million beach house in Malibu, "If we don’t fix this house, I’ll throw up."

Family: According to Kid Rock (nee Bob Ritchie), Pam talked serious smack about both his beloved mother and sister. What’s more, even though their kids got along famously and the family bought a triple bunk bed, Pam wouldn’t allow the kids to sleep in the same room. Allegedly Pam’s insecurity drove her to believe Kid’s son would hurt her two boys.

Control: Kid told Howard that part of the reason he and Pam broke up the first time was because she didn’t want to sign a pre-nuptial agreement — when they got back together, he agreed to marry her without one. He also uprooted his son and left his close-knit community in Michigan to live in California with Pam — he’s back in Michigan now.

He said he did all of this, even though Pam threw him under the bus in the past. For example, when Pam learned she had Hepatitis C, the two agreed to keep it quiet. Yet, the day before Kid went on a news show, Pam sent out a press release about her illness, unbeknownst to Kid. The next day, Kid denied questions about Pam’s Hep C, per their agreement, effectively looking like a fool.

When asked why, knowing all he did about Pam, he got back together and married her anyway, Kid told Howard, "I knew the stove was hot, and I wanted to put my hand on it."

Diddy’s the daddyAfter a year of denials from his reps, Sean “Diddy” Combs is ready to admit that he is the papa of Sarah Chapman’s 15-month-old daughter, Chance. And what’s more, according to NY Daily News’s Rush and Molloy, he says he’s “committed to being a good father.”

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But why the yearlong hold up? The producer/rapper/designer wanted to see the results of the DNA test. “At first, I wasn't sure if this was my child. Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life.”

Of course Diddy’s ex, Kim Porter, already seemed pretty sure about little Chance’s parentage, as she’s talked publicly about how it was part of the reason she split with him.

Dish on the flyWhile the paparazzi are always eager to see Britney Spears out and about, the same can’t be said for everyone. TMZ photogs were on hand when a member of the public recently accosted Brit and sister Jamie-Lynn Spears. An unidentified woman approached the pair and shouted at the pop star, “Nobody wants you in this neighborhood! ... You’re making the neighborhood unsafe!” But Jamie-Lynn stood up for her big sis and responded, “Then move the f--- out of the neighborhood!” … Are the cold relations between Angelina Jolie and her dad Jon Voight warming up? Extra TV spied the smiling father as he exited the same hotel his estranged daughter and her family are staying at. Maybe that smile means Jon finally got a first-time glimpse of his grandkids in person.

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