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Kevin Spacey and the Ragtime Gals 'Talk Dirty' on 'Tonight Show'

What do you get when you combine the Ragtime Gals, Kevin Spacey and Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty?"

Nothing but awesomeness.

The "House of Cards" star helped Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals clean up the Derulo hit and the resulting performance would make even Frank Underwood proud.

In an interview after the performance, the two-time Oscar winner admitted to being nervous and practicing for two days in between interviews for his documentary "Now: In the Wings of a World Stage" or while riding in the car.

That's understandable. Lines like, "Your bootie don't need explaining," take an awful lot of concentration to land.

"It is, it's very nerve-wracking," Spacey told Fallon. "I thought I was going to get off key or I was going to forget the words."

Spacey also had a good time sharing his gift of impersonations:  Jimmy Stewart in a laundry mat; Johnny Carson selling shoes; and Bill Clinton telling him how much he loves "House of Cards."