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Kevin Spacey 'photobombs' woman's picture while out for a jog

Kevin Spacey got off the rowing machine ("House of Cards," go watch it) and went for a jog instead on Monday. Along the way, he stepped into the latest photo craze -- "photobombing" a woman having her picture taken in front of Boston's popular George Washington statue.

Actor Kevin Spacey, center, "photobombs" a woman having her picture taken in Boston.

Reddit user genteboa posted the image of her friend on Tuesday, and says in the comments on the post that the actor ran up, shouted "photobomb!" and then ran off laughing.

Spacey plays a convincing congressman in the Netflix series "Cards." It's no wonder the subject of his prank in Boston displays the appropriate OMG-THAT'S-A-CELEBRITY face others have shown when politicians -- real or imagined -- turn up unexpectedly.

One Reddit user also does us the favor of linking back to a clip from "American Beauty," shedding light on why Spacey may be jogging in the first place. Enjoy: