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Kevin Smith's Amphetamine Diet?

The not-so-friendly skies seems to have led to a much healthier Kevin Smith.
/ Source: E!online

The not-so-friendly skies seems to have led to a much healthier Kevin Smith.

In the wake of getting bounced from a Southwest Airlines flight last year for being, to use his term, "a fatty," the Clerks director thought it might be high time to lose somes LBs.

Sure enough, during a hepped-up appearance on CNN's Joy Behar Show on Tuesday night, Smith revealed that he has in fact dropped quite a few pounds. If not his wardrobe.

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"I've spent most of my life yo-yoing in terms of weight, so it's always been easier to wear a hockey jersey because, like, I've lost 65 pounds, but I'm still wearing the same jersey I wore before I lost the 65, but you wouldn't know because it's all air," said Smith.

But the filmmaker, who was on to promote his upcoming movie Red State, admits he was a bit hesitant when it came to slimming down.

"I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin," he pointed out. "I'll never be thin. Let's be honest. I've lost 65 pounds, but nobody's going 'I wanna sleep with you!' They're just like 'Keep going, you look better.'"

Smith proceeds to recount the whole Too Fat to Fly controversy in the typical rapid-fire fashion he often incorporates in his Q&A stage shows, which led Behar to jokingly ask: "Are you on amphetamines?"

"No," Smith answered with a laugh. "I know I've got eight minutes...and I believe if you're going to put me on television, I better be as entertaining as heck and I got to get as much information in as possible."

In other words, Silent Bob he is not.

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