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Kevin Jonas takes sides in teen-queen feud

If Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez claim that there's no bad blood between them, why was Kevin Jonas spotted wearing a shirt that proclaimed, “Team Demi and Selena”?
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Even though teen queens Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez assure fans there’s no feud between them, the eldest member of a certain band of brothers begs to differ. And unfortunately for Miley, he’s on Selena’s side.

Rumors of bad blood between Miley and Selena, and their respective BFFs Mandy Jiroux and Demi Lovato, have swirled for months. The alleged feud gained more momentum just two weeks ago when an old video resurfaced showing Miley and pal mocking the other Disney debutantes. The “Hannah Montana” star later explained that the YouTube clip was just good, clean fun.

Then there was the matter of Miley’s interview with Seventeen magazine, wherein she confessed her love for and possible future with ex Nick Jonas, an interview she gave just as the gossip grapevine revealed Selena and Nick were likely an item. Still, Selena continued to toe the “everything’s fine” line.

But this Sunday, Kevin Jonas hit the streets of NYC with his younger brothers and greeted photogs with a T-shirt declaring his support for “Team Demi and Selena” in enormous gold letters.

If there’s no feud, why pick a team?

Why Kate and Lance split
The news that they were an item seemed to come out of nowhere, and just three months later, it was splitsville for Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong. What went wrong for the whirlwind couple? Sources say Kate wanted to put her relationship with the Tour de France champ on the fast track, and he pedaled the other way.

“Lance felt that Kate came on too strong, too fast,” an insider revealed to Star magazine. “She started talking marriage and babies almost right away.”

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Apparently, Lance, who has three children from his first marriage, had no interest in starting a new family with the “Fool’s Gold” star — or anyone else for that matter. In fact, a source told In Touch Weekly, the cyclist wants to keep his options open.

“He tends to get cold feet whenever a relationship gets too serious,” the source said.

Dish on the flyWhile Lindsay Lohan and her ever-present gal pal Samantha Ronson are happy to ham it up for fans, they don’t appreciate having their antics turned into a photo op. “Lindsay and Sam sat down with friends and ordered dinner (at Macaluso’s in Miami), when someone who looked like the chef or owner came up to them and asked if they would go to the kitchen,” an eyewitness told the New York Post. “They were so nice, they went back and put on aprons and chefs’ hats and everything. But when the owner asked them to pose for photos, they became furious.” … Contrary to popular opinion, Penelope Cruz is no hottie. At least that’s what the actress had to say when she spoke to Parade. “I don’t think I am beautiful,” she confessed. “I can look good, and I can look ugly.” She must save the ugly for her off-hours.

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