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Kevin Jonas: 'Let's hope' our dogs are practice for a baby

Wonder what Kevin Jonas has been up to lately? Well, his in-laws just moved in, so probably celebrating non-stop.

The reality show "Married to Jonas" follows the married life of the oldest Jonas and his wife Danielle, and now includes her family, who are newly installed in the Maison de Jonas.

Actually, "They've been great house guests," said Kevin, who added that they make themselves very scarce. In fact, everything else seems like it's going pretty great for the newlyweds, who — when they're not on tour — are enjoying being parents to two small, Bambino-esque dogs.

"Is that practice for a little baby?" asked KLG.

"Let's hope so," said Kevin.

"If that's practice you're not very good at it," said Danielle.

Peter Kramer / Today

Danielle said she'll be joining her man when the Jonases go back on tour this summer. You can catch them on the road in July, unless screaming girls aren't your thing, in which case you can always just watch the show. Unless there are screaming girls in your living room, in which case, sorry.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who loves the bonus Jonas.