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'Mare of Easttown' fans surprised Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's daughter stars in it

Sosie Bacon plays the former daughter-in-law of Kate Winslet's detective character, Mare Sheehan.
/ Source: TODAY

Some fans of the HBO Max crime drama "Mare of Easttown" are just now figuring out that one of the show's main stars has two very famous parents.

Sosie Bacon, the daughter of longtime Hollywood couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, plays Carrie Layden, the mother of detective character Mare Sheehan's grandchild.

Kyra Sedgwick, left, and Kevin Bacon pose with their, daughter, Sosie Bacon
Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon pose with their daughter, Sosie Bacon, in 2014.Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for InStyle

The 29-year-old actor has won raves for her portrayal of an ex-heroin addict who battles Mare (Kate Winslet) for custody of her child.

Sosie Bacon as Carrie Layden on "Mare of Easttown"
Sosie Bacon as Carrie Layden in a scene from HBO Max's "Mare of Easttown."HBO Max

The show's viewers shared their surprise on Twitter after discovering Sosie Bacon's dad was the guy from "Footloose" — and her Emmy-winning mom starred in the TNT cop drama "The Closer."

"I’m watching the mare finale!! I just googled Drew’s mum because I like her and found out she’s Kevin Bacon’s daughter irl!" wrote Bec Shaw, who added in a separate tweet, "And Kyra Sedgwick OBVI."

"I did not know this! She's great. Standing out in a show with that many great women was a big job," read a response from podcaster Adam Richard.

A fan joked, "The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon continue to the next generation of actors..."

It's hardly as if the Bacon-Sedgwick clan — which also includes son Travis, 31 — was trying to hide the fact that they're related. In fact, in late May, Kevin Bacon, 62, gushed about his daughter's performance on "Mare of Easttown" in an Instagram video.

"Hey, everybody, I just want to say I'm watching that show, what's it called? 'Mare of Easttown.' It's good," he told fans. "I especially like that actress, what's her name? Sosie something? I don't remember her last name but it's like Sosie, I don't know, Sosie Hoagie or Sosie Wawa."

Sosie Bacon responded in the comments, writing, "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA."

The actor's parents also sent a sweet shoutout to their daughter in a Mother's Day video on Instagram. Sedgwick, 55, pointed out in the clip that all three family members were currently starring in their own TV shows.

Sedgwick, of course, was recently the lead on the ABC comedy "Call Your Mother," while her husband stars in a cop drama of his own, Showtime's gritty "City on a Hill."