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'The Kennedys' miniseries finds a new home

After being passed on by The History Channel and Showtime last month, “The Kennedys” has finally found a spot on the dial — on ReelzChannel, a rep for the network confirmed to Access Hollywood.

The series will get its world premiere on April 3 on the network.

Producers of the miniseries, which stars Greg Kinnear as President John F. Kennedy and Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, made a deal with the cable channel and will air the series, The Hollywood Reporter was first to reveal on Tuesday.

“We think it will drive ratings and put a spotlight on this network that has never been on it before,” ReelzChannel Chief Executive Officer Stan Hubbard told the trade magazine. “We’re going to do a full-blown marketing campaign.”

Reports had surfaced that the Kennedy family helped kill the series from airing on The History Channel, something Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he was not aware of when he spoke to Access at Sundance, but Hubbard told THR the project was too good to pass up.

“One of the benefits of being an independent network is that you can be an independent voice and you don’t have to worry about corporate pressure or political pressure,” Hubbard said. “This is a project that deserves to be seen.”

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, in early January, The History Channel canceled plans to air the series.

“Upon completion of the production of ‘The Kennedys,’ History has decided not to air the eight-part miniseries on the network,” the network previously told Access in a statement. “While the film is produced and acted with the highest quality, after viewing the final product in its totality, we have concluded this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand.

“We recognize historical fiction is an important medium for storytelling and commend all the hard work and passion that has gone into the making of the series, but ultimately deem this as the right programming decision for our network,” the statement continued.

Days after The History Channel canceled their plans to air the miniseries, Showtime also passed on “The Kennedys.”

“Although ‘The Kennedys’ is well produced, well acted and a quality piece of work, it doesn’t fit Showtime’s programming brand,” a rep for the cable network previously said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

ReelzChannel, which is available on Dish Network, Direct TV and various cable networks, describes itself as “TV about movies,” and features programming like “Hollywood’s Top Ten,” a countdown show devoted to films.