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Kennedy’s son probably won’t see ‘Bobby’

Bobby Kennedy, Jr.  said seeing the new movie about his father’s assassination in 1968 would be too painful.
/ Source: Reuters

The son of the late Robert F. Kennedy said he probably won’t see “Bobby,” the new movie about his father’s assassination in 1968, because it would be too painful.

“I hear that it is a wonderful movie,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said late Wednesday at an environmental event in Los Angeles, the city where his father was killed during the senator and former U.S. attorney general’s run for president.

“I probably won’t see it because there are parts for our family that are too painful to watch,” he added.

The film, directed by Emilio Estevez, had its premiere in the United States Wednesday at the American Film Institute’s Fest 2006 opening night gala in Hollywood.

The ensemble cast includes Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins and Lindsay Lohan.

“Bobby” focuses on the lives of people working at the Ambassador Hotel on the night Kennedy was shot there and Estevez has said the film is a call to young people to shake off their cynicism and engage in the political process.

“I hope it inspires people,” Kennedy said.