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Kelsey Grammer channels inner Frasier, fixes grammar troubles on Twitter

Kelsey Grammer fixes grammar on Twitter.

Kelsey Grammer joined Twitter Monday, and the actor wasted no time channeling both the charm and pomposity of his most beloved TV character, Frasier Crane, by telling folks just how they can fix their tweet troubles.

Yes, Twitter users, Grammer is listening — or rather, reading — and he isn't happy about what he's learned. It seems your 140-characters-or-less messages are a bit too messy for him.



It didn't take long for him to put that new hashtag to good use. As fans tweeted about him, he tweeted right back with a quick #KelseyGrammerGrammar lesson.





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While, in general, unsolicited grammar advice is rarely appreciated on Twitter, it seems the actor has earned a rare exception to that rule.







Those are no doubt sentiments shared by the one lucky person who found herself on the receiving end of some rare praise from Twitter's new professor.



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