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Kelsea Ballerini talks about being hit with a bracelet on stage: 'It just kind of scared me'

A concertgoer threw a bracelet at her while she was performing on stage in Idaho on June 28.
/ Source: TODAY

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini is recalling the scary moment when she was hit in the face by a bracelet thrown by a concertgoer in June.

“Obviously, I’m very lucky I didn’t get hurt,” she told TODAY’s Al Roker Aug. 11. “It’s just kind of scared me for a second. Takes you out of a moment.”

The "Miss Me More" singer said there needs to be a "mutual responsibility" on both the artist and fans to ensure everyone's safety at concerts.

"I think it's mostly my job, my band, my crew, to make sure we create a safe environment," she said. "But it is also the fans job to show up and it's mutual."

The 29-year-old singer is one of several artists who have recently performed and had a concertgoer throw something at them on stage. In Ballerini's case, it was a friendship bracelet thrown at her on June 28 during a concert she had in Idaho. For Pink, it was the cremains of a fan's mother; for Bebe Rexha and Drake, it was a cell phone. Meanwhile, Cardi B had a drink thrown at her as she sang one of her songs.

Ballerini said having something thrown at her during a performance was not only scary, it took away from the live concert experience.

"The point of live music and of live shows is escapism," she continued. "It's connection and it's all being together and not having anything come in (and) obstruct that."

With hopes that the recent trend of throwing objects at artists will end sooner than later, Ballerini believes that one of the first steps is to have artists and fans work together towards a safer environment.

"I think there has to be some mutual responsibility taken to figure out how to make it not happen," she added.