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Kelly Rizzo marks 1 month since husband Bob Saget’s death

"One month without this incredible man," Saget's widow wrote in a tribute.

Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, is remembering the "Full House" star on the one-month anniversary of his tragic death.

In an emotional tribute Wednesday on Instagram, the 42-year-old "Eat Travel Rock" blogger opened up about how much she misses the happy times she and Saget shared.

"One month without this incredible man. Bob truly lived life to its fullest. He had so many hardships over the years that he would always tell me 'look, life is hard, we need to enjoy it as much as possible.' And one of the best ways we did that together was sharing and exploring amazing food around the world," Rizzo wrote alongside a video montage of the couple enjoying drinks and meals together.

"We were in our happy place together whenever we were out at a restaurant, hotel lobby bar, or even our own kitchen when I would try out a new creation on him," she continued. "He was never shy about ordering, and he would even tell you to get everything on the menu that you wanted because he also wanted to see you enjoy everything to the fullest.

"Experiencing simple pleasures in life like that brought him so much joy. I can’t even put into words how much I will miss this."

Saget's "Full House" co-star Candace Cameron Bure commented to share in Rizzo's grief. “Today is a hard day 💔. I love you 💜,” wrote Bure.

Saget was found dead at age 65 in an Orlando-area hotel room on Jan. 9. An autopsy on Saget's body showed no signs of drug use or foul play.

Wednesday night, Saget's family released a statement that said an investigation found the comedian died after likely hitting his head and falling asleep.

A day after Saget's body was found, Rizzo, who married the star in October 2018, shared an emotional statement calling Saget "my absolute everything."

“I am so completely shattered and in disbelief. I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of love and tribute from our friends, family, his fans and his peers.

“When the time is right and when this news is not as raw, I look forward to sharing more of Bob with the world. Sharing how much he meant to me, all of those around him, and how much all of his fans and friends meant to him as well. Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time," she wrote.

A week later, Rizzo honored her late husband in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

“My sweet husband. After much reflection this week, I’m trying, really trying, to not think I was robbed of time. But instead to think: How lucky was I that I got to be the one to be married to THE MOST INCREDIBLE MAN ON EARTH,” she wrote, in part.

“I was the one who got to go on this crazy ride with him and be in his life these last 6 years,” she continued. “We had that time to make each other the happiest we’d ever been and change each other’s lives forever. I got to be the one to love him and cherish him. He deserves all the love. Every ounce of it. Because that’s how amazing Bob was. He was love. If you were in his life you KNEW he loved you. He never missed an opportunity to tell you."

Days later, Rizzo opened up about her grief to TODAY's Hoda Kotb.

Speaking from the home she and Saget shared, Rizzo said she was thinking about her late husband constantly. “Everything is a memory, everything reminds me of him,” she told Hoda. “So, that’s been difficult but also wonderful at the same time.”

When Hoda mentioned that she'd once heard Saget referred to as an “I love you guy," Rizzo agreed.

“He put it all out there,” she said.

“Anyone he met and even spent any time with at all, he told them he loved them endlessly and tirelessly. And that was his entire message,” she added. “If you knew Bob, and he loved you, you knew it. There was never, ever a doubt in your mind.”