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Kelly Osbourne: Sharon put me in padded cell

Kelly Osbourne says she played the brat when mother Sharon had her put in a padded cell -- and it worked.

It may seem like life would be a breeze for the daughter of a millionaire rocker. But Kelly Osbourne has struggled, she told the British version of Cosmopolitan magazine.

“I’ve been to rehab seven times and to two mental institutions,” Osbourne, 28, told the publication, as reported by People magazine. "My mum even had me put in a padded cell once to scare me, but like a brat I just sat it out until she said, ‘Well, that’s not going to work.’ ”

But Osbourne tells the magazine that just as her parents, famed rocker Ozzy and TV personality Sharon, have been there for her, so has she supported them in hard times.

In 2003, Osbourne says she turned down the role as the best friend of Lindsay Lohan's "Freaky Friday" character to stay with her mother through what she thought might be Sharon's last days. Sharon Osbourne survived her bout with colon cancer, a battle documented on "The Osbournes."

And in 2003, Ozzy Osbourne had a frightening accident where an all-terrain vehicle he was riding turned over and pinned him.

"He couldn't move from the neck down and was basically a paraplegic, so I slept on the floor by the side of his bed for four months," Osbourne told the magazine. "I brushed his teeth and washed his clothes, and every day we'd put on our swimsuits and I'd shower him."

The British edition of Cosmopolitan, with a lilac-haired Kelly Osbourne on the cover, goes on sale Thursday.