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Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood share why they love going makeup-free

"I don't wear makeup unless I'm being paid," joked Clarkson.
/ Source: TODAY

Trisha Yearwood and Kelly Clarkson love going makeup-free — and they're happy that fans cheer for them whenever they do.

While chatting on Wednesday's "The Kelly Clarkson Show," the two Grammy-winning singers opened up about how much more comfortable they are when they ditch the glam for a fresh-faced look.

"You know me because you've seen me. I don't wear makeup unless I'm being paid," joked Clarkson, 39.

"Same!" replied Yearwood, 56.

Fans applauded Yearwood earlier this month when she posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram that captured how she looks on a "real day" at home. The country music queen shared the image hours after posting a much more glamorous photo of herself.

"I'd done a photo shoot and I guess because in the last year I really hadn't done anything so I was in makeup and I was like, 'Wow, I'm feeling myself,' so I took a picture. And I posted it and I liked it," Yearwood told Clarkson.

"Everybody was so nice," she said of the fan response. "And it kind of freaked me out because I wanted to go, 'No, but I filtered that and also someone else did my hair and makeup and made my teeth whiter!'"

That night, after working with her trainer, Yearwood decided to post the fresh-faced selfie, which showed her posing in a T-shirt and eyeglasses.

The result? Fans liked it even more than the glamour shot.

"I never would have dreamed that the no-makeup selfie thing would be the response," said Yearwood. "And the response is even better because it was like, 'Yeah, this is who we are,' and it's important to make sure people understand that this is who we really are."

Fans also praised Clarkson for going without makeup while filming her talk show from her Montana ranch last year during the coronavirus pandemic. "I didn't wear makeup and then I got such an overwhelming positive response. I was like, 'Well let's just keep it going,'" said the host.

As much as both singers like keeping it real, they agreed it's fun getting glammed up for special occasions. Clarkson said she especially appreciates her show's talented hair and makeup team. "I do like playing dress-up and I like coming here and I'm like, 'Holy God, this can look all right,' she said, motioning to herself.

Yearwood responded, "I think we need all that. That's kind of what the message is. However you turn up is OK."

During their conversation, Yearwood also shared that she hasn't fully recovered her sense of taste and smell since testing positive for COVID-19 in February,

The singer added that her dulled senses have made food less appealing.

"I think this is how normal people eat," Yearwood said, laughing. "I think they eat when they're hungry — this is my theory — and they stop when they're full! It's weird!"