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/ Source: TODAY
By Shane Lou

Winning “American Idol” was a piece of cake compared to what Kelly Clarkson was asked to do on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday night.

Host Jimmy Fallon challenged Clarkson to perform a song backwards. She admitted she had never done so before — “I don’t just sit in my room and go, ‘I wonder what this would sound like backwards,’” she said — but she was more than willing to give it a shot.

And that’s how we got this unusual rendition of “Since U Been Gone” ... or, should we say, “Gone Been U Since.”

Feel free to sing along with Kelly in the above clip: “Gone been u since/time first the for breathe can I/on moving so I’m/yeah, yeah/you to thanks/want I what, get I now/gone been u since.”

She aced the “yeah, yeah” part. She had a little trouble getting the rest of the lyrics straight ... er, backwards.

Clarkson laughed several times while trying her best not to fall apart. Let's give her an A for effort. She's definitely given us inspiration for our next karaoke night.

Later in the show, the future “Voice” judge returned to perform “Whole Lotta Woman,” a song off her new album, “Meaning of Life.” She didn’t sing it backwards, but it still sounded great.

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