Kelly Clarkson shares family's amazing 'Game of Thrones' Christmas card

/ Source: TODAY

'Tis the season for holiday greetings, and Kelly Clarkson just shared a particularly cool one!

Downright chilly even:

"Winter is Coming," reads a familiar line across the top her family photo, and the obvious "Game of Thrones" nods don't end there.

The cards shows the singer, husband Brandon Blackstock, their baby girl River and Blackstock's children, Savannah and Seth, gathered in front of an imposing castle. They're all wearing Scottish finery with just a hint of medieval flair and dark expressions on their faces.

Well, almost all of them.

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River, who's just 17 months old, can't fake a formidable look. Instead, she steals the show with an ear-to-ear grin.

Of course, little River's been making us smile for quite a while.

On the card, House Blackstock borrows the crest of House Stark from the series, and the "Merry Christmas" message below is written in the show's distinctive font.

Just like most "Thrones" fans, it seems the family can't wait for the Season 6 return of the series.

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Meanwhile, some were wondering if there was a hidden meaning behind the Christmas card choice.

Clarkson is pregnant and expecting a baby boy, and some on social media (and even our friends at E! News) have speculated that "Winter is Coming" could be a hint about his name.

Either way, we're looking forward to winter!

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