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Watch Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers go day drinking: 'This is dangerous'

Step aside, Kathie Lee and Hoda. There's a new, dynamic day-drinking duo in town: Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers!
/ Source: TODAY

Step aside, Kathie Lee and Hoda. There's a new, dynamic day-drinking duo in town: Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers!

Clarkson visited "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Thursday and the pair decided to quench their thirst at the Top of the Standard in New York City.

"This is dangerous," Clarkson says in the clip as the two clink beers and Meyers downs his entire glass.

The late-night TV host proceeds to keep the party going by making drinks based off the 35-year-old singer's career, starting with "The Simon Cowell." The spicy concoction consists of hot sauce, vodka, more hot sauce, bitters and another dash of hot sauce!

Seth Meyers makes "The Simon Cowell" drink for Kelly Clarkson.NBC

"It's burning!" Clarkson shouts after taking a sip. She and Meyers proceed to sing "My Lips Are on Fire" to the tune of Alicia Keys' song "This Girl Is on Fire."

Meyers, 44, then whips up a drink in honor of "Grammys" — no, not to all of Clarkson's awards, but to grandmas, including the late-night host's own dear grammy. He mixes brandy with 12 Werther's Original hard candies.

Next, Clarkson takes her turn behind the bar and makes Meyers a drink called a "Blake Shelton" in honor of her fellow "Voice" coach. The drink is infused with bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, Southern Comfort and bananas since Shelton is dating Gwen Stefani, and who can forget that infamous song?

Clarkson then surprises Meyers with a shot called "The Voice" because she says she will be "winning this season."

Clarkson swaps places with Meyers behind the bar.NBC

The fun doesn't stop there! Meyers informs Clarkson he will be giving her the cognitive test that President Trump's doctor gave him as part of his physical exam. The catch? If Clarkson answers incorrectly, she has to do a shot, but if she gives the right answer, Meyers has to throw back the shot.

Meyers points at a photo of a lion and asks Clarkson to identify the animal (no surprise, she answers correctly), and the "Late Night" host stays true to his word and easily sips down a shot...then another.

Finally, it's time for Meyers to show off his vocals for the "Love So Soft" singer. He puts on a pair of headphones and starts belting out Clarkson's classic song "Since U Been Gone" (also one of Meyers' favorites).

Those karaoke nights finally pay off when Meyers hilariously gets down on his knees to finish singing Clarkson's song to her as she laughs along.

Meyers belts out "Since U Been Gone" to Clarkson.NBC

All good things must come to an end, and in this case they do — on the roof.

Clarkson and Meyers each wrote lines for the other to yell.

Meyers kicks things off, shouting, "I tried breastfeeding and it kind of worked!"

"I love the movie 'From Justin to Kelly,'" Clarkson screams next.

We hope Clarkson asks Meyers to join her as an adviser on "The Voice" because we can't get enough of this hilarious duo!