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Kelly Clarkson's kids crash her segment with 'Trolls' co-stars in the cutest way

A game of “Zoom Around the Room” gave River Rose and her brother, Remy, the chance to steal the spotlight on Friday’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”
/ Source: TODAY

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick may be big-name guests, but Kelly Clarkson’s own children turned out to be the real stars of her daytime talk show Friday.

River Rose and her little brother, Remy, stole the spotlight while the grown-ups were playing a game.

Clarkson invited her “Trolls World Tour” co-stars to the show — via video conference — to celebrate the digital release of their new Universal Pictures animated movie, but it wasn’t long before a rousing round of "Zoom Around the Room" shifted the focus.

(Disclosure: Universal Pictures shares the same parent company with TODAY.)

The game worked a bit like a home-based scavenger hunt with prompts, like “go find something red” and “find something related to you.” It was the latter one that proved the best.

Clarkson and her guests scrambled off screen to find anything remotely related to the theme. In the case of both Timberlake and Kendrick, they dashed back to their seats at almost the same moment, each with a “Trolls” toy of their respective character in hand — Branch and Poppy.

“Boom! Oh, look at what we just did!” Timberlake cheered at the coincidence. He then added with a smile, “I stole my kid’s toy.”

But Clarkson, who plays a half-troll/half-horse named Delta Dawn in the flick, had them beat.

“I got one better than that,” she said as she pulled 5-year-old River Rose onto her lap. “I stole my kid!”

And 3-year-old Remy wasn’t far behind.

The tiny duo beamed at the camera, while Timberlake and Kendrick aw-ed over them.

“We were just watching ‘Trolls,’” Clarkson said, before explaining to the tykes that the other people on the video call were the stars of the movie. “This is Branch, and this is Poppy.”

But just as the kids were about to exit the scene, while mom noted that they loved the movie, River Rose stopped to say, “And I loved your acting!”

That sweet line instantly earned her a couple of fans.