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Kelly Clarkson forgot an entire night after getting 'so high' at the dentist

“I had a full night, completely with eyes open walking around, that I don’t remember."
The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 2
Weiss Eubanks / NBCUniversal
/ Source: TODAY

It was a night to (not) remember!

Kelly Clarkson revealed that a few years back, she forgot what she did for an entire evening after taking some strong prescription pills following a dental appointment.

She shared the funny story with her guest, Kaley Cuoco, during a recent episode of her talk show, clarifying that no alcohol was involved in her experience.

"I was at CVS filling some prescription because I'd had dental work done the day before," Clarkson said. "And I look in my bag and I have all these jewelry boxes and I'm like, 'What the hell?' Like, I have literally five to six big boxes of jewelry in my bag. And I'm like, 'Did I like rob someone's house?'”

The singer called her assistant the next day to piece together what had happened.

“I was like, ‘Dude, do you know whose jewelry I have in my bag?’” she asked.

At that point, her assistant reminded her that they had gone shopping together the night before after rehearsal, and then went to dinner — none of which Clarkson has the faintest memory.

“I had a full night, completely with eyes open walking around, that I don’t remember,” she said.

“I went to my friend’s house ... don’t remember seeing the house,” she added with a laugh.

She was also out of it during rehearsal with her band that day, apparently slumping down in her chair while wearing sunglasses and declaring, “That ain’t my song.”

“I was so high from the dentist,” she said.

Well, she may not remember any of it, but at least it sounds like she had a good time!