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Kelly Clarkson recalls being scared of 'creepy' doll at Reba McEntire's house: 'I couldn't sleep'

The singer shared how she hid the doll in McEntire’s closet so she wouldn’t see it.
/ Source: TODAY

One time while spending the night at Reba McEntire's house, Kelly Clarkson got quite the scare.

While chatting with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” cast during a recent “Kelly Clarkson Show” episode, the singer recalled hiding a “creepy” doll in the country music icon’s closet when she got scared.

“She had a doll,” Clarkson said. “And it was so creepy to me.”

The “Favorite Kind of High” singer said she was probably at her former stepmother-in-law’s home for “a family thing.”

“Two days later, she’s like ‘So I found the doll in the closet?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m sorry, I didn’t put it back,’” she recalled. “It scared me and I couldn’t sleep.”

“I’m not just gonna sleep with that thing looking at me,” Clarkson continued. “(Reba) was like, ‘Did you put my stuff in the closet?’ I was like, ‘I kinda did. I did, I’m so sorry. I should have brought it back out.’”

McEntire was the former stepmother of Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. However, it's all love between two singers, who continue to have a close friendship despite no longer having family ties.

The “I’m a Survivor” singer was recently announced as a coach on Season 24 of “The Voice.” In a video shared last month, McEntire opened up about her relationship with Clarkson, who was a coach on the show’s 23rd season.

“I am so proud of Kelly,” McEntire said. “She has grown as an artist, as a teacher. From when we first met in 2000 — way back — 2002, so that was how long we’ve known each other. She was a baby!”

“Now she’s just matured into this wonderful woman that I am just so proud of and I love her with all my heart,” she continued.

Clarkson replied saying, “Aw, that was nice” and adding how she “loves working with Reba.”

The daytime talk show host — who recently announced she’s moving her show to New York City — is gearing up to release her very intimate and post-divorce album, “Chemistry,” on June 23.

On June 2, she released her new song “i hate love,” which, she said, is about not being able to stand a person “but you love them and you’re just like, ‘Why?!’”