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Kelly Clarkson loves a hug, but do NOT try to kiss her hello

"I just don’t like when people greet me with their lips on my face."
/ Source: TODAY

Kelly Clarkson has a message for people who kiss hello: stay away!

The talk show host took to Twitter on Wednesday to make her thoughts clear on the subject.

"Spread the word. I don’t like being kissed on my face when U meet me. Ever. Male or female. I ain’t European y’all. I didn’t grow up doing that," she tweeted.

Clarkson continued, "I don’t like it. I don’t know where Ur mouth has been but I know where it’s not gonna end up, & that’s anywhere on my face," before adding the hashtag #MyPSAForTheDay.

Fans quickly chimed in on the issue. Many applauded the 37-year-old singer for taking a stand. "Can totally respect this," wrote one, while another replied, "You tell them girl!"

One fan inquired about hugging, to which Clarkson actually responded that, yes, hugs are OK!

"I love a hug," she replied. "I just don’t like when people greet me with their lips on my face. Not mad at it. Totally get that others are cool with this BUT I am not one of those people. Handshakes, cool. High-fives, cool. Fist bumps, cool. Kissing, not cool."

The Emily Post Institute, an authority on all things manners and etiquette, says that "people should still refrain from kissing in business situations, since even an innocent peck might be misconstrued."

"Stick with the handshake," it recommends. "One exception is when people know each other quite well, especially when they greet each other at a quasi-social event like a convention or a business lunch."

However, the rules can change when someone is traveling abroad.

The Emily Post Institute explains, "Another exception is if you are in a country where cheek or air kisses (sometimes several) are part of the customary greeting, in which case be prepared to participate."