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Kelly Clarkson has the best reaction when she hears her music at a store

The singer isn't afraid to jam out to her own music.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 8
Kelly Clarkson told Jimmy Fallon that she enjoys dancing and singing when she hears her music in stores.NBC
/ Source: TODAY

Kelly Clarkson doesn't hear her music all that often when she's out shopping, but when she does, she definitely soaks up the moment.

The singer and talk show host, 39, appeared on "The Tonight Show" this week and told Jimmy Fallon that she likes to "sing along and dance" to her pop hits. "I'm a total tool," she added with a laugh.

Clarkson even recalled one instance where she was at a home improvement store with a friend and suddenly heard one of her songs on the radio. Naturally, she felt compelled to belt out the tune.

"I was just having a good day and I feel like you should really lean in to that right now in this point in life if you're having a good day," she said. "And so, I leaned in and I just started dancing and embarrassing my friend Tricia in Lowe's and just started dancing and singing."

Clarkson went on to explain that she really gave the performance her all.

"I did a full-on got on my knees. I was very into it," she said.

Fallon could totally relate and said he did something similar one time when he was shopping at Target.

"I was doing a line dance with my cart, so I was getting into it," he said.

Music is known to boost energy and Fallon told Clarkson that her hit 2004 song, "Since U Been Gone," happens to be skateboarder Tony Hawk's hype song. The singer was flattered, but she also admitted that her songs typically don't have the same effect on her, at least when it comes to workouts.

"I feel like I always hear people talking about how my music is always on some Peloton playlist or some workout," she said. "And I'm like, 'It does not make me wanna work out. Why doesn't it have the same effect? It doesn't make me wanna run, but great for you.'"

Clarkson is returning to her role as a coach on "The Voice" this September, and she has an exciting new co-star: Ariana Grande. The singer told Fallon that she's enjoying getting to know Grande and discovered that the 28-year-old has a great sense of humor.

"She's so funny, like very witty," she said of her fellow pop star. "She's hysterical."

Grande is also bringing some fresh perspective to the show, and Clarkson is grateful for that.

"In all my seasons, I've never heard a coach talk about vocal health as much and I'm like, I guess we should've mentioned that. We're all vocalists," she said. "She's really into it, so it's cool."