Kelly Clarkson can't stop laughing after she messes up in the studio — see the video

/ Source: TODAY

When Kelly Clarkson makes a mistake in the studio, she doesn’t hide from it — she owns it and then shares it for the entire world to see.

Recently, she hit a wrong note during a recording session. Hard to believe that a singer as talented as Clarkson can mess up, but she posted the video proof.

Realizing her vocals were off, she backed away from the microphone and asked someone to loop her miscue. That person obliged, and Clarkson fell to her knees in a fit of laughter.

“That time you think, damn, I'm about to nail this ... and then you don't #inthestudio #whatthehellwasthat,” she wrote in her tweet.

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Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying can sympathize. He wrote to Clarkson, “STORY OF MY LIFE! I'm dyiiiiing,” along with three laughter emojis.

“Scott, I couldn't breathe,” Clarkson responded. “It took me a minute to come back from whatever that was!”

We bet she nailed it on her next attempt.

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