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Kelly Clarkson almost fell out of her 'Voice' chair after malfunction

Kelly Clarkson is one of the most relatable celebrities out there, and her latest mishap on "The Voice" reinforces that!
One minute she's clapping and the next she's about to wipe out!
One minute she's clapping and the next she's about to wipe out!NBC / The Voice
/ Source: TODAY

"The Voice" coach Kelly Clarkson turned her chair for one contestant on Monday's episode, only to be nearly thrown from it due to a malfunction.

Clarkson hit her button to spin around for contestant Samuel Wilco and enjoyed the rest of his cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.” As Clarkson applauded, her chair unexpectedly turned back around to face the audience as she shouted in surprise.

“Quit messing with me! I'm in heels!” she joked as a stage manager stepped in to help and the rest of the judging panel poked fun.

When Clarkson's chair was adjusted, she told Wilco if she ever auditioned for “The Voice,” she would sing “Lately.” In fact, she mouthed along to most of the song as he performed it.

“It’s my jam, I love that song,” she told him.

Clarkson famously auditioned in 2002 for “American Idol,” performing Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and Etta James’ “At Last” for the judges.

Sadly for Clarkson, Wilco ended up picking Nick Jonas as a coach, but since it’s “The Voice,” that doesn’t mean it’s forever! The judges have chances to save eliminated contestants later in the series or steal them from other teams.

Wilco mentioned the show is one of his wife's favorites and his family played a role in his coaching decision.

"I've loved watching you, Kelly, and I love everything you do with your artists," he said. "But my kids love you, Nick."