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Ke Huy Quan takes iconic pic with 'selfie expert' President Joe Biden

The "Everything Everywhere All At Once" actor can add this to his seriously impressive selfie collection.

Ke Huy Quan could barely contain his joy when he met President Joe Biden at the White House.

Quan, who was at the White House for a screening of his new Disney+ series, "American Born Chinese," practically jumped up and down when he saw Biden in person.

In a video that Biden shared on Twitter, the Oscar-winning actor for "Everything Everywhere All At Once," runs towards the president saying, “Mr. President, hi!"

Biden, appearing to be caught off guard, jokes, "Who the hell is this guy?" Then he looks at Quan's wife and asks, "Are you with him?"

"Yes, yes," Quan replies, while ushering his spouse over. "This is my wife, Echo!"

"It's such an honor to meet you," Biden says while shaking her hand, and then Quan's.

"What an honor this is," Quan replies back.

After the trio take pictures together, Quan then asks the president if he could take a selfie with him, saying it "would be the selfie of all selfies." At that point, Biden grabs Quan's phone and takes a selfie with the "Goonies" actor.

Biden, who shared the whole interaction on Twitter, captioned it, "Little did Ke know he was dealing with a selfie expert."

"Thats a pretty good selfie, I must admit!" one person commented on Twitter.

Their interaction didn't end there. Quan also introduced the president at the event, which helped celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at the White House.

During his speech, Biden spoke about Quan's career and said he remembered him the most from his work as a breakout child performer in 1984 movie, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" which Steven Spielberg directed.

After a few movies and TV shows, Quan stepped back from acting. Biden said that Quan's time finally came when he appeared in "Everything Everywhere All At Once" and won an Oscar for best Supporting role.

"Your time did come, as it has for the entire community — a diverse community of cultures that are reflected in every part of American life, including in government — by the way, a government led by Kamala Harris, an Indian American," he said as the crowd cheered, "represented by a record number of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders all across my Cabinet, my White House, the entire administration."

Quan can file this away with his impressive collection of selfies, which he documents on Instagram. "I have a nephew who loves to collect Pokémon cards. Me? I feel so blessed to be able to collect celebrity selfies," he wrote, captioning a whole batch of them.