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Who was the hilarious 'Left Shark'? Katy Perry's Super Bowl sidekicks unmasked

With lurching dance moves, the costumed "Left Shark" from Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance was spellbinding Sunday night.
/ Source: TODAY

With lurching dance moves, flopping fins and one-of-a-kind rhythm, the costumed "Left Shark" from Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance cast a spell of Internet-breaking magic on Sunday night.

And now, the identities of Left Shark and his fellow costumed shark (who danced to Perry's right) have been revealed: Two of the singer's longtime back-up dancers have stepped forward to say they're the men behind the awkward greatness.

Dancer Bryan Gaw took to Instagram on Sunday night to confirm he was Left Shark, the man viewed by many as the real Super Bowl MVP, writing "the rumors are true" beneath a photo of the sharks with Perry from the show. Meanwhile, fellow dancer Scott Myrick changed his Twitter profile to identify himself as "Right Shark" and declared his "LIFE GOAL ACCOMPLISHED" after the performance.

"Yep. The rumors are true. Yours truly," Gaw wrote on Instagram:

"BREAK THE SUPER BOWL," wrote Myrick, alongside this moment:

Myrick's Twitter feed also became all sharks, all the time:

Myrick conducted a Reddit AMA on Sunday, in which he wrote that he has been a dancer on tour with Perry for five years and called Sunday night's spectacle "just another day in KP land." He also noted that he only had 90 seconds to change into the shark costume, and said his vision was so terrible in the costume that at one point he bumped into a palm tree — which luckily wasn't captured by the cameras.

Gaw and Myrick also shared an unmasked moment with Perry, in which they can be seen without their trademark shark suits:

Perry herself has yet to weigh in on the sharks' identities.

Though they claim to have human faces, we'll always remember this duo for their true brilliance as sharks.

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