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Katy Perry goes incognito for 'insane' 'Birthday' video teaser 

Pop superstar Katy Perry has long been known for her outrageous outfits and wacky wigs, but in her new video, she takes dressing up to a whole new level.

In the video, a teaser for her single "Birthday," which drops Thursday, Perry plays a handful of incredibly costumed characters. Each persona could be filed under the "so bad it's good" category if the video's traffic is any indication — the teaser already has over 500,000 hits. 

Perry's characters include MC Yosef Shulem, who offers to MC funerals (for a price); Goldie, an elderly burlesque dancer named for her "golden nuggets;" Kriss the Clown who's in it for some "cash on the side," and Princess Mandee, who is less princess, and more an ambassador for vocal fry and telling kids stories that "will never come true." 

On Twitter Perry called the video the "most insane" one she's done yet (and that's saying something, considering that she sprayed sparklers from her breasts in "Firework"). 



Check out the trailer and see what you think.