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Katy Perry gets stuck on floating prop during concert — and has the best reaction

The "Swish Swish" singer made the most of the wacky mishap, even encouraging fans to film her as she hovered above the crowd.
/ Source: TODAY

Lost in space!

Katy Perry got stuck on a floating Saturn prop during the Nashville stop of her "Witness" tour Wednesday night, but the fun-loving singer took it all in stride — even encouraging fans to film the wacky mishap.

Perry took the wacky mishap in stride, even encouraging fans to film her as she was stranded above them.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Perry had just performed "Thinking of You" aboard the floating prop but rather than gracefully glide back to the Bridgestone Arena stage as planned, she became stranded in mid-air, where she began hilariously ad-libbing, Billboard reports.

"This is the first time I’ve been stuck in space! I know I’m kind of a space cadet, but actually, this thing is being stuck right now," the 32-year-old superstar quipped. "I'm going to be stuck here forever. Should I tell some jokes? Should I tell some stories?"

"You better pick your phone up, ‘cause this is a YouTube moment!" the "Swish Swish" singer told fans.

Eventually, the prop descended to the ground, forcing Perry to clumsily stage dive from it.

"I guess I’m just gonna have to get down and walk amongst my people,” she joked before being escorted back to the stage.

As for audience members, they cheered wildly for the star during her space snafu — and quickly began sharing videos of it online.

Here's hoping the next stop on Perry's tour brings her back to earth more smoothly.