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Katie Holmes’ parents may boycott wedding

Will Katie Holmes’ parents boycott her wedding?
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Will Katie Holmes’ parents boycott her wedding?

The buzz is that Tom Cruise will marry the mother of his in late July or early August in a Scientology ceremony to be performed by church leader David Miscavige.

What’s more, Holmes’ par­ents, devout Catholics Martin and Kathleen, intend to skip the actual ceremony, a “friend” of Cruise reportedly told Life & Style Weekly.

A spokesman for the couple denies the story, but the mag quotes a “family friend” as saying, that Martin and Kathleen Holmes are “not happy” with their daughter’s  “choice of where to marry.” Martin Holmes allegedly told the friend, “Katie can have a proper Catholic wedding her whole family will gladly be a part of.”

Katie Holmes initially wanted a Catholic wedding, but “realized she’d never win the argument about having a Catholic wedding,” a Holmes family friend reportedly told the mag. “She knows that if she had rejected Scientology, her relationship with Tom could’ve ended.” And, at this point, the soon-to-be bride “has become a big part of the church. She is into it in a big way.”         

Jessica wanted Nick back is having second thoughts about splitting from her hubby.

The former “Newlyweds” star wanted to make one last attempt at reconciliation from Nick Lachey before their divorce was final, according to the forthcoming issue of Star magazine.

“Nick reminded her that it was she — not him — who initiated the divorce,” a source told the tab. “It wasn’t an easy conversation — Jess was very emotional.  But Nick was relieved when he got word the divorce had been finalized. It’s easy to see why.”

Meanwhile, Simpson is planning to spend her 26th birthday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Perhaps coincidentally — perhaps not — that’s where Lachey went public with his new sweetie, Vanessa Minnillo, last month.

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is dating former Spice Girl Mel B, according to IMDB.  . . . Don’t buy those reports that Madonna is ready to dump Kabbalah. “She hasn’t done anything to indicate that she’s ready to leave,” says a well-placed source. “It’s more that [the Kabbalah] leaders are nervous that she’ll walk because she’ll re-invent herself again. She’s not reluctant to throw her weight around and they’re sort of scared of her.” . . .  Kate Hudson wants to write a book for new moms, and will address how some women don’t feel great about themselves after giving birth. “Part of that is the way your body feels, not necessarily how it looks — especially after you’ve gained 70 pounds,” Hudson says, reports the London Sun. “I was depressed. I was the happiest, jolliest pregnant woman, then I had the baby and then I was just fat. ... I didn’t lose any weight delivering. You’re breastfeeding and you’re starving and looking at yourself in the mirror going: ‘I don’t feel good about myself.’ That is not a good feeling for any woman.”

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