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Katie Holmes' Cursed Kennedys Miniseries Will Finally Air

Looks like The Kennedys has found a home after all.
/ Source: E!online

Looks like The Kennedys has found a home after all.

Katie Holmes' completed eight-part miniseries had originally been destined for the History Channel before the net declined to air it, deeming it "not a fit for the History brand." After Starz, FX and Showtime all passed on it as well, the Camelot recap had been in limbo without a network to air it.

Until now. Read on to find out which network stepped in where none had dared to tread...

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The series has finally landed on the ReelzChannel, E! News confirms.

Not sure where to find ReelzChannel, you ask? Most cable packages have it, and it's available through DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast and Charter Communications.

So, History Channel or not, the series, which features Greg Kinnear as JFK and Holmes decked out as Jacqueline Kennedy, will be able to be viewed by over 60 million people. Not too shabby, especially after it seemed as though the entire series might get shelved permanently.

In January, director Jon Cassar spoke out about what he believed to be the problem: Kennedy family objections to the project.

"I doubt they've even seen it," Cassar said. "They were objecting to it before it started. They were objecting to the idea of it."

Cassar insisted that the production also went out of its way to accommodate every possible problem for the History Channel.

"Every time the History Channel wanted a change, or a lawyer wanted a change, we did it."

Not that it helped. It was reported at the time that the family had gotten the plug pulled by lobbying the History Channel's parent company, A&E Television Networks, to kill the project.

ReelzChannel, for its part, sounds like its pretty pleased with the acquisition.

"We believe in the business we are committed to--movies, the celebrities making them and how and why they influence our cultural universe. If that means defending the right for well told and important stories to be seen--then so be it--we can do that," the net's CEO Stan E. Hubbard said in a statement.

"We're not beholden to anyone--we are here for the viewers and we are here for the movie and artistic community as well. As an independent, we have the freedom few networks enjoy."

The first two episodes are set to air on ReelzChannel on April 3.

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