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Is Katie Holmes breaking free of Cruise control?

The wife of the "Top Gun" star is shooting a film, “Mad Money,” in Louisiana, and while she’s away from her reportedly controlling spouse she’s “quietly reclaiming parts of her past.”
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Is Katie Holmes breaking free of her hubby’s Cruise control?

The wife of the “Top Gun” star is shooting a film, “Mad Money,” in Louisiana, and while she’s away from her reportedly controlling spouse she’s “quietly reclaiming parts of her past,” according to Life & Style.

The mag reports that Holmes is reconnecting with family and friends and even secretly talking to Catholic priests. Holmes was raised a Catholic, but since her marriage, has embraced Scientology, her husband’s religion.

The “Batman Returns” star recently called a childhood pal named Meghann Birie, whom she hadn’t seen since meeting Cruise two years ago, reports L&S.

“She wanted to talk to someone not in Camp Cruise,” a friend told the mag. “Katie told Meghann she can’t believe she abandoned her old life.”

The actress hasn’t been to church lately, but is “secretly talking to pastors” for advice, and wants to enroll Suri in “kiddie Catholicism” classes, according to L&S.

What’s more, Holmes also plans to visit her hometown of Toledo, Ohio, this summer and has invited her parents to the “Mad Money” set.

“She’s trying to make amends with her family,” according to a Holmes family friend.

Larry Birkhead defends himselfLarry Birkhead is trying to set the record straight.

The father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby is blasting media reports that have him gambling — and he says he’s not trademarking phrases or collecting a legal defense fund.

“It was reported that I was playing $1500.00 a hand at the high stakes poker table in the Bahamas,” the photographer wrote on his Web site. “FALSE. I do not even know how to play poker and I wouldn’t be playing with money like that in any event.”

He also insists that he never applied for a trademark for the phrase “Goodnight My Sweet Anna Baby,” and says that the trademark form was filed out by someone else on his behalf.

“The form was not reviewed or approved by me,” he says. “I am far too busy working on my fight for my daughter Dannielynn, to worry about things like trade marking sayings for use in movies, etc.” He insists that he’ll have the trademark application withdrawn or cancelled.

What’s more, he says he hasn’t set up a legal defense fund for his daughter. “Someone setup a ‘Save Dannielynn’ Defense Fund for me (again without my authorization) and some individuals sent in donations before the ‘fund’ was discovered by me,” writes Birkhead, who says he demanded the operation be shut down. “Your words of encouragement and support are more than enough.”

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