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Katie Couric's new show title has ring of the familiar

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The title of Katie Couric's new ABC talk show has been chosen, according to TVNewser, and it's pretty easy to remember. The former "CBS Evening News" anchor (and TODAY host) is going for the cozy, familiar "Katie," which -- as Deadline notes -- follows a tradition of using just single names on single-host talk shows, like "Donahue" (Phil Donahue), "Anderson" (Anderson Cooper's new series for Fall 2011), "Ellen" (Ellen DeGeneres) and, of course, "Oprah" (oh, you know). 

Meanwhile, TVNewser has snagged a poster for the series, which premieres in Fall 2012. The picture -- with Couric smiling against rosy hues of sunset pinks and blues -- seems to indicate the soft tone the show will take. As TVNewser noted, former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker (who will executive produce the show) said at a conference in June, "I think Katie is a unique brand in television. The mere fact that you can just say 'Katie' and know who we are talking about is evidence of that."

According to Deadline, the series "is only part of a far-reaching deal Couric signed with ABC in June that includes work for ABC news."

Hard to say if all of her ABC work will contain such a soft touch.

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