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Katie Couric prepares for her final ‘Today’

Mariah Carey gave the talk-show host a butterfly to symbolize her freedom
/ Source: Access Hollywood

As Katie Couric preps for her final “Today” show, Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson spent one final morning with Katie.

“How are the nerves?” Shaun asked.

“Good. It's a little like an out of body experience to be honest with you,” Katie said.

And it's no wonder. Less than 12 hours and counting until Katie says goodbye to 15 years of “Today.”

“When will the tears come?” Shaun asked her.

“Oh gosh. I feel like there's a lot of pressure on me to be very emotional and to cry,” Katie admitted. “If there are tears, they'll be authentic tears and if not, there will be authentic feeling.”

And in a touching moment this morning, Mariah Carey presented Katie with a parting gift.

“This is your butterfly since you're leaving and you're free,” Mariah said to Katie as she gave her the present.

Access spoke to Mariah about the trinket.

“I think they are very pretty but also symbolize freedom and kind of evolving,” Carey explained. “Obviously this is a new stage in her life so I thought it would be something nice.”

Couric will take the month of June off before she starts working on stories for "60 Minutes" in July and steps into the CBS Evening News anchor chair on September 5.

“I feel really comfortable. I feel that this is the right decision for me,” Katie said. “I think that once I made the decision there was no turning back. I really haven't had buyer's remorse.”

“When you saw the picture of Meredith [Vieira] with Al and Matt and Ann together, was there a part of you that went ‘Awwww?’” Shaun asked.

“I thought it was right. It was the natural order of things for someone else to step into this job and have the privilege of these extraordinary opportunities. So I was happy for Meredith and I was happy for the entire team,” Katie told us.

And did the departing Katie offer Meredith any advice about what the job will be like?

“We talked only briefly after both of our announcements were made. I think we have some things in common. She has some challenges at home that I'm familiar with. Her husband Richard has been dealing with multiple sclerosis and colon cancer. We're both familiar in that. We've both got children and trying to do a good job in both arenas,” Katie said. “I really didn't offer her too much advice. I know Meredith's self-confident enough to be true to herself and to be who she is and to really put her own mark on the show.”

“Will you watch?” Shaun asked her.

“Yes, of course,” Katie concluded.