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Kathy Hilton on whether she’ll return to ‘Real Housewives’: ‘Stay tuned!’

The breakout star of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" shares her plans for this Christmas and the one thing she is most proud of.
Kathy Hilton preps for the holidays with the help of Yelp local pros
Kathy Hilton prepares for the holidays with the help of Yelp local pros. Hilton turned to Yelp to find and hire trusted professionals to help decorate her home, wrap gifts and create a cocktail menu.SJZ

Kathy Hilton is a multi-hyphenate in her own right. From her stint as a child actor to appearances on multiple reality television shows, as well as tapping into her entrepreneurial side to begin projects like the Kathy Hilton Collection of party dresses, she’s spent the greater part of her life and career building a name for herself.

However, for the 62-year-old, one of the things she is most proud of is how kind her two daughters Paris, 40, and Nicky, 38, turned out to be after being a fixture in pop culture and fodder for celebrity gossip for more than half their lives.

“They’re so down to earth,” she told TODAY on Zoom. “If somebody comes up to their table and wants to take a picture, it’s like ‘Sure, yes, yes.’ If we’re in Las Vegas and there’s lots of big body guards that say ‘No, no, no,’ Paris will say, ‘You know what, please don’t ever do that again. Don’t do that.’”

Most recently, Hilton could be seen featured on the Peacock original reality series “Paris In Love,” which followed her daughter as she prepared for her November wedding to venture capitalist, Carter Reum.

When catching glimpses of Hilton on TV, especially when she appeared on season 11 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it’s easy to assume that she’d be immune to people’s thoughts and perception of her given how comfortable and confident she appears in herself. That might not be the full truth for her, though.

“At the end of the day, guess what? All of us really do care,” Hilton said. “It would hurt me to think that I’ve hurt somebody. If somebody was to say that I hurt their feelings or offended them, I won’t sleep, so I do care. And if something is written about me or one of my family members, people say ‘Oh, don’t pay attention. You don’t know that person, who cares?’ And I think to myself, I do care.”

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."NBCUniversal

Despite feeling comfortable as herself and knowing when to be polite, when she got involved with the show, she said she thought, “'Gee, I know that I’m not a fighter, and I love all these girls.’ Some I didn’t know yet, but I knew that I’d like them. And if I didn’t, I would be very diplomatic. I don’t hold, back but I am the kind of person that’s just what you see is what you get.”

One of those instances included a moment during an episode of the reality show where a tense conversation was underway at the house of her half-sister, Kyle Richards. However, in the midst of the drama, Hilton could be seen sniffing a massive candy cane scented candle, which, of course, became a hit with viewers.

When it comes to her future on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” well, Hilton doesn’t have much to say about that. She still hasn’t publicly confirmed whether or not she will be returning for season 12. Instead, all she can tell fans is, “Stay tuned!”

While fans with bated breath about Hilton’s return, she has some other projects in the works. One of her newest ventures includes a partnership with Yelp to share her entertaining tips for the holidays, as well as share some of her favorite local businesses.

“My assistant got me into Yelp about four years ago,” she shared. "If we were driving around and I’m looking for Middle Eastern or let’s get tacos on our way downtown or we’re driving to Palm Desert and need something on the way, we pull over and pull up Yelp.”

Kathy Hilton prepares for the holidays with the help of Yelp local pros. SJZ

Hilton uses Yelp to help discover and hire professionals in the area as well who she could entrust to help decorate her home for the holidays and get prepared for her hosting duties for her famed dinner parties, including finding bartenders for one of her shindigs.

"I love to entertain," she said. "I was able to find people that I could trust. I was having a dinner party and I needed a bartender. A lot of the agencies closed down that I’d been working with for 30 years. Now, you can find a bartender on Yelp."

Though her holiday plans are going to be slightly more low-key this year than in year’s past, that’s not to say it still won’t be a Hilton soiree. Paris and Carter will still be on their honeymoon, but his relatives are staying at Paris' house to watch her dogs, referred to by Hilton as “her little babies.” Even with her eldest daughter away, Nicky and her husband, James Rothschild, along with their two children Lily-Grace and Teddy will be coming into town to celebrate with the family.

“It’ll really be just family,” she explained. “Christmas Eve, we will probably just do something low-key. You can’t eat turkey too many nights in a row, right? And we will get up early and watch the parade.”

Christmas morning will also include a brunch made by Hilton herself, as well as some additional fun festive activities. “The grandchildren will be here that I’m going to have carolers come by and we’ll make some gingerbread houses and bake some cookies for Santa."