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Kathie Lee: Nobody feels sorry for A-Rod

Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez faces a suspension.

Like so many New Yorkers, as well as much of the country, Kathie Lee and Hoda are totally over Alex Rodriguez's antics.

“I don’t think anybody’s feeling sorry for him at this point,” KLG said on Monday.

Rodriguez was scheduled to return to the New York Yankees lineup despite a likely suspension for use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Kathie Lee predicted the third baseman will get booed every time he steps up to the plate. Hoda agreed, and though she noted that other players in similar situations have rebounded (such as Yankees teammate Andy Pettitte, who also admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs after an arm injury), A-Rod will have a tougher time winning back fans.

“This guy, for some reason, when he steps out there, there’s sort of this arrogance, this hubris, this whole other vibe going and people don’t like him so I think that’s part of it," she said. "They're not rooting for him."

A-Rod’s ridiculous salary may have something to do with it. In 2007, he signed a 10-year contract in 2007 worth $275 million.

KLG said she can’t see how Rodriguez can ever regain the trust of the Yankees or his former fans.

“He’s not taking ownership of anything except for the money,” she said.

Hoda noted that if suspended, Rodriguez faces a $34 million penalty.

“That’s okay,” KLG said. “The Powerball’s at $400 million and he might win that.”