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By KLG and Hoda

On Monday, Kathie Lee and Hoda's hearts were melted by an adorable photo series of a toddler and his dog, which is possibly the cutest thing we've ever seen.

Inspired by the photo, the ladies rushed home to recreate the moment with their own dogs, Blake and Bambino.

Hoda and her dog, Blake.Today

Hoda went first, cuddling puppy Blake, her adorable Cockapoo named after country singer Blake Shelton.

Blake looked a little skeptical, though, keeping one eye open throughout the snuggle.

"He's like 'get off!'" Hoda joked as she showed the photo.

Kathie Lee and her dog, Bambino.Today

Meanwhile, Kathie Lee cuddled up to her dog Bambino on the floor of her home, in what Hoda noted was a very beautifully lit photo.

KLG agreed: "That's a Rembrandt."