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Kathie Lee and Hoda get underwear tips from Cher

Cher revealed some of her underwear secrets on Monday.

KLG and Hoda had some extra help during today's Favorite Things segment. First, they discussed Kathie Lee's choice — Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil — for her chapped lips. ("I get really, really, really chapped lips all the time — I do crazy stuff at home with my husband if you know what I'm saying," KLG winked, touting the lip treatment that can make your lips more moist by "6000 percent."

They then moved on to Hoda's choice: Hanky Panky thongs, which Hoda erroneously claimed only came in one size. 

Kathie Lee couldn't believe it. How could everyone fit one size, after all? Hoda reassured KLG that it was true, and advised her to try them on at the commercial break. KLG wasn't having it.

She grabbed the panties from Hoda's hands and stretched them as wide as possible. Were these really going to work?

Kathie Lee tested out Hoda's 'favorite thing' on Monday.

Suddenly, a distinctive voice piped up from the sidelines. 

"They come in sizes!" said the throaty voice. What's that? 

It was Cher, a Hanky Panky aficionado! The "Believe" singer noted that Hanky Panky offers multiple styles.

"They come in a small, real brief," she added, pointing knowingly to herself, "and they come in that," she said, pointing to the pair KLG was still stretching out.

Sorry Hoda — as KLG put it, "Cher never lies."

How you can find KLG and Hoda's favorite things:
Kathie Lee: Hourglass lip treatment oil, $42, Hourglasscosmetics.com
Hoda: Hanky panky thongs, $20 and up, hankypanky.com