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Kathie Lee gives Fantasia the necklace right off her body


Like something Kathie Lee is wearing? Chances are if you give her a compliment, she may just take the item right off and give it to you.

Fantasia Barrino learned this trick on Wednesday, when she complimented KLG's bling. "I'll take that necklace now," the former American Idol champ and Broadway star joked.

"You know what?" KLG said. "Take it off and give it to her!"

Hoda obliged, helping to unhook Kathie Lee, while Fantasia couldn't believe her good luck.

"Oh really?! Are you serious?" she said, shocked.

KLG had a good idea for a trade, though: "I'll take the earrings in your ear!"

Check out how fans loved the swap, and where Fantasia took the necklace next: