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See the surprise gift from Kathie Lee Gifford that brought Hoda Kotb to tears

KLG found the picture-perfect way to honor her pal after 11 years side-by-side on TODAY.
Kathie Lee Gifford presents Hoda Kotb with a special gift.
Kathie Lee Gifford just gave Hoda Kotb something that's sure to become a Favorite Thing of hers.Tyler Essary / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

It's Kathie Lee Gifford's last week here at TODAY, and she's making every segment count.

For instance, on Monday, for her and Hoda Kotb's final installment of Favorite Things, she closed out the product parade with an extra special item that's sure to be her pal's new favorite thing *ever*.

Warning: You might want to grab a tissue before you hit play.

After giving the audience a rundown of a few must-have retail treats, Kathie Lee surprised Hoda with a drape-covered gift — something to celebrate 11 years "of the joy and honor of sitting next" to her.

And as soon as they pulled back the cloth, Hoda found it impossible to hold back the tears.

Kathie Lee Gifford presents Hoda Kotb with a special gift.Tyler Essary / TODAY

They unveiled a stunning, picture-perfect portrait of Hoda and her sweet daughter, 2-year-old Haley Joy, by artist Sydney Clawson.

The portrait shows Hoda Kotb with her 2-year-old daughter, Haley Joy, wrapped in her arms.Tyler Essary / TODAY

KLG then pointed out that underneath the image, it read, "My joy is non-negotiable" — a phrase that's become particularly meaningful to Hoda since welcoming her little one into her life back in 2017.

It made for a truly touching moment for the longtime co-anchors.

Kathie Lee and Hoda share a hug after revealing the surprise gift.Tyler Essary / TODAY

But before the waterworks started, Kathie Lee teased the fact that this wasn't the first time she's given Hoda a work of art.

"I know you love it when I give you paintings," she raved before the big reveal.

That comment earned a cheeky grin and giggle from Hoda, who knew exactly what her friend was talking about.

Years ago, Kathie Lee presented Hoda with a huge — about 6-by-8 feet! — and expensive painting of New Orleans, but it just wasn't her style.

Instead of putting it up on a wall, Hoda put it straight into storage. And when KLG told her she wanted it back, Hoda said, "Don't worry, I've been paying 50 bucks a month on it for the last five years!"

Of course, there's no need to worry about the fate of her new piece of art. It's clear it already has a place in Hoda's heart.

You can check out more works by the artist at her website,