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Kathie Lee Gifford gets a musical surprise from Barry Manilow on her last day with TODAY

In a day filled with smiles and tears, the departing TODAY anchor had a special reason to squeal with delight.
/ Source: TODAY

Kathie Lee Gifford's final day on TODAY is here, and to mark that big event, friends, family and colleagues gathered on the show Friday to honor the broadcasting legend — including another legendary performer.

After a series of surprises, a mystery man appeared behind a stage-side door, revealed only in silhouette. But he didn't remain a mystery for long.

Kathie Lee Gifford sprung out of her chair when she realized who the final mystery guest was!TODAY

As soon as he turned to show her his profile, KLG shouted, "Barry Manilow!"

It's Barry Manilow!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

That's right! The 75-year-old superstar singer stepped out as the guest of honor jumped up and down with delight.

The two shared sweet pleasantries, and he presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Kathie Lee couldn't contain her joy when she came face-to-face with the mystery man.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

But those blossoms weren't the only treat he had in store for her.

He also gave her the gift of song.

We apologize, this video has expired.

Manilow, who flew out from his Vegas residency to be here (and said, "I would fly here from any place for this,") belted out one of his biggest — and certainly most fitting — hits: "Can't Smile Without You."

But as he told the audience of the lyrics, this time, "It's not 'I can't smile without you,' it's 'we can't smile...'"

Barry Manilow launched into a personalized rendition of his hit, "Can't Smile Without You."Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Of course, that performance wasn't only a treat for KLG, it was one for everyone who witnessed it — especially when she joined him and turned the tune into a duet.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Barry Manilow perform "Can't Smile Without You" during Kathie Lee's last show on TODAY.TODAY

It was a beautiful twist to a bittersweet day, as we say goodbye to our adored fourth hour co-anchor, Kathie Lee.